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Welcome to The Voice

Developing the Youth of Papua New Guinea

The Voice Inc is a vibrant youth development organization run by the youth for the youth.

Through training, mentoring, and guidance we encourage our young people to look within themselves to discover their unique personalities and unleash the gifts and potential that lies dormant within them.

We also create avenues for them to get involved in their communities through advocating on issues and implementing small projects.

We are proudly supported by the University of Papua New Guinea and are committed to building the young people of our nation.

There is so much hope that lies within the young people and if given the opportunity they have amazing dreams and can be rise up to be solution providers.

We believe that young people are leaders in creating the future today!
Our mission is …

"To empower young people through our educational programs to become confident individuals and to create avenues for them to contribute back to their communities."

We are committed to our values of ...
  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Being inclusive of all in their ability to contribute to and access our programs
  • Integrity of the highest standard as we live out our values
  • Innovation in our thinking and approach to our work
  • Collaboration as we work together building strong relations to create change.