A2A Klinim UNITECH Campaign

The A2A Tribe is one of the two tribes established in The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program, to carry out Clean Generation activities as part of the leading component for the program and build the movement. They recently embarked on their first of their activities for the year in launching and also hosting a Clean-A-Thon on their campus.

The A2A Tribe launched its Klinim UNITECH Campaign on Saturday 6th May, at The Voice Inc’s Centre for Leadership. Witnessed by students and LDP participants, the tribe encouraged their peers to join them in the campaign and monthly campus clean-a-thons. The other major activity that was announced at the event, was the Recreational Spot Competition, that would see students compete and submit designs for recreational spaces and infrastructure for their campus. This initiative was developed, as a result of the tribe identifying that there was a need for more benches and infrastructure for the recreational areas around the campus. 

The first Clean-a-thon was then held on Saturday 27th May 2017. The students had hoped for a turn out of 50 students, but were stoked to see more than 70 students join them for the event.

Starting at8:30am, the two hour event saw students from across the campus and school take up the challenge of cleaning up the campus, despite the cloudy weather. The sight was so encouraging that other students who were walking, joined in to assist with the clean up.

The tribe are happy to see more students participating and taking ownership of their campus and look forward to hosting more similar activities and their Recreational Spot Competition.

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