The Voice Inc. (TVI) initially began as a small association called the “Law Awareness Group” made up of a group of twenty law students in their 3rd year of studies at the University of Papua New Guinea. The main aim of the group was to go into communities to educate people on their basic rights so that they would not be abused due to their ignorance.

After conducting community outreach programs the lecturers at the law school advised the group to open membership to students in all strands of the University because communities needed to be educated on more than just their legal rights they needed to know how to start small businesses, health issues, the environment etc.

On the 17th of July 2007 TVI was formally launched by the Governor General of Papua New Guinea, his Excellency Sir Paulias Matana in the presence of the University of Papua New Guinea Administration. After seven years of existence we have conducted:

In April 2010 The Voice Inc. became a legally incorporated association.

TVI is managed by a Board of Directors, with full time staff working to implement the programs.

So much hope lies within the young people of Papua New Guinea. If given the opportunity, these young people can rise up to provide solutions to many of the problems that exist in our communities and nation. TVI exists to ensure this becomes a reality.