Amber ATA hosts Clean Week (June 4 -9, 2017)

Clean Campus Initiative

Article by Xenia Kekae, Communications & Marketing Intern (UPNG)

Sunday 4th – Friday 9th June 2017

Knowing where the tribe wanted to go with their theme and vision, the Amber ATA Tribe’s first and the main activity for semester one involved a week long Clean Up exercise which started on May 5th and ended on the 9th. As World Environment Day fell on the 5th of June, the tribe felt it appropriate to mark this date and celebrate it by cleaning around the campus for that entire week. However, to ensure that this would happen, meetings were called for by the tribe leaders, budgets were made, plans were drawn, venues were booked and secured, flyers were put on the notice boards, letters of invitation were written to student associations, tasks were delegated and the activity was good to go. The official launching of the program took place on the evening of Sunday June 4th at the Games Village mess hall from 6 – 8pm and more than 25 – 35 students turned up for this launching. Details of the clean-week were given to the students and every one was encouraged take a personal step in refraining from throwing rubbishes for the whole week, or at least throwing them in the right places and not just loitering them everywhere.

The tribe identified four specific zones that were to be thoroughly cleaned, and in each designated zone, one or two student associations were to head the zone. The specific zones are as listed below. This clean up started at 6 in the morning and ended at 8AM. Plastic bags were provided in each zone along with gloves and protext hand-wash soaps. Zone 1 had about 25 students who helped clean up the allocated areas. Zone 2 had less than 15 students who came out early to clean-up. Zone 3 had about 13 students who cleaned-up the designated areas and Zone 4 had over 20 students who came out bright and early to show their support in cleaning the campus. These clean-up took place on Monday and it was a good morning clean-up around the campus warmly welcoming the World Environment Day with a clean and rubbish free environment, literally, at least for the first half of the day.

Zone 1: Kuri Dorm Building, ALT, the L rooms, Arts Building 1 and 2, Open campus and Ullie Beier. This zone was led by the Economics Student Association and the Peer Educators.

Zone 2: Games Village Gate, DMK, Arts/KD Car Park, Clinic, Tuloan and Luavi gate and the Sigi Base. Zone 2 was led by the Journalism Student Association (JSA) and the Law Student Association (LSS).

Zone 3: The Haus Win area, Library, SLT, Science Buildings 1 – 3 and the UPNG Preschool/Daycare. This zone was headed by the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) and the Biology Student Association (BSA).

Zone 4: Gunther/Administration Car park, Forum Car Park, UPNG Chapel, Mess Car Park, Oat and the Book bilong Pikinini area. This zone was led by the Environmental Science and Geography (ESG) & the UPNG Adventist Student Association (UPNG ATSA).

On the morning of Wednesday the 7th of June, a day after the massive clean up on World Environment Day, the tribe in coordination with their good friends from the Environmental Science and Geography (ESG) society, did a major clean up at the forum square from 7 – 8am in the morning. This was another tremendous success to say the least because as the students were sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the stains off the tables and walls of forum square, other students who walked passed, stopped for a minute, soaked in what their fellow students were doing and walked over to the clean-up group, picked up a bucket of water and a brush and started scrubbing the concrete floors. Although the forum clean-up was supposed to have been for an hour, it went over by 30 minutes only because this determined group of young people dared not to stop until the place was spotless. During this clean-up, a total of about 25 – 30 students came together to clean forum square. The changes a 90 minute clean-up made on this morning to the famous forum square of the UPNG were obvious and huge, at least for the first half of the day. The tables looked clean, the stains were gone and the entire area was immaculate. More than that, this short clean-up made a powerful statement that morning to the entire campus by questioning why we blend in when we are born to stand out. And for this group of champions that morning, standing out meant refusing to accept uncleanliness as a culture within the campus by bravely standing up and out to do the right thing even when they were being mocked and made fun off by their friends. View the short video from the Forum Square Clean Up.

The final clean up for the clean week was on Friday 9th June and this was a call out to everyone in their respective dormitories, both the males and the females to take one hour of their morning (7 – 8am) to clean their dormitories. Although this clean-up was not as hectic and busy as the first two, a few genuine students made it their duty to collect rubbishes along their dormitories, sweep the walkways, weed the flower beds and plant new flowers and trees within their dorms.

Overall, it was a great clean up all around the campus. The tribe also planned to have rubbish bins and drums placed in certain areas of the campus so that students can dispose their rubbishes at the right places. There are also plans to have environment sustainability where they would plant trees around the school. Unfortunately, these along with other minor activities planned for the semester did not eventuate due to the approach of assessment deadlines and examinations. However, the Amber ATA Tribe is optimistic that they will complete these activities and plan other great activities that will involve the students within the campus in fun and spontaneous ways in this new semester!




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