UPNG Inspired Film Review – Angels of War

Angels of War

By Methuselah Wabiria

Methuselah Wabiria is a Level 3- Nation Builder in The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program sharing his review of the recently screened, Angels of War, as part of the UPNG Inspired Film series. Angels of War was screened at the UPNG Main Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 26th April, 2017.

A timely telling of the stories from the Papua New Guinean men about the roles that they played in World War II in their country. The film gives an account from the men that served the Allies during the Kokoda Campaign, and those who served under the Japanese during their invasion on the then New Guinea and Papua territories. These were the stories that lingered after the smoke from the fires cleared, after the sound of artillery stopped echoing through the jungles, after the tremors from air raids stopped rippling through the earth. The film finally brings to us the stories of the men who faithfully and without complaint played their part in a conflict they did not understand, in a war that started half a world away.

The accounts are often comedic in retrospect, but it gives a sobering insight into the struggles that the young men faced at the hands of both the Axis and the Allies. The film provides us with a glimpse of the hardships that Papua New Guineans endured during WWII and its aftermath. Angels of War presents to the world the stories of the Papua New Guinean men who served gallantly and have since remained faceless and nameless long after WWII had ended.


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