Meet the Tribes of UPNG

The Alpha Tribe and the Amber ATA Tribe Article by Xenia Kekae, Communications & Marketing Intern (UPNG) The afternoon of Friday May 5th of this year saw the Planning Retreat for the Level 3 Nation Builders and the Level 2 Active citizens at the PNG Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA). The Planning Retreat ended on the afternoon […]

A2A Klinim UNITECH Campaign

The A2A Tribe is one of the two tribes established in The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program, to carry out Clean Generation activities as part of the leading component for the program and build the movement. They recently embarked on their first of their activities for the year in launching and also hosting a Clean-A-Thon […]

UPNG Inspired Film Review – Angels of War

Angels of War By Methuselah Wabiria Methuselah Wabiria is a Level 3- Nation Builder in The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program sharing his review of the recently screened, Angels of War, as part of the UPNG Inspired Film series. Angels of War was screened at the UPNG Main Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 26th April, 2017. […]

PNG UOT LDP Planning Tool Box (2017)

By Edrin Karagu – Communications & Marketing Assistant (PNGUOT) A total of 21 LDP participants including two of our mentors, Barbra Thomas and Penua Hila Cook and also three volunteers, namely; Len Awinup, Davida Thomas and Sheryl attended the workshop that was held at 11 mile – city mission. The actual workshop started on the […]

UPNG Orientation Week

UPNG LDP participants taking ownership of the The Voice Inc story: “Our Journey, Our Story, Our Time” By Xenia Kekae- TVI Communications & Marketing Assistant (UPNG)   “The Voice Inc. was started by a group of likeminded young youths who saw the need of the people and took the time to commit to these small […]