The Clean Generation Campaign is a nationwide campaign aimed at creating a movement of young people who are purposeful, virtuous and responsible.

We believe there is a generation rising in PNG that is different and burns with a deep desire to see change in our nation and in the world! History tells of the power of young people and what they can do when they are united under a common vision. We believe that much of the social decay around us resulting in high rates of violence, broken homes, purposeless and idleness needs a collective voice based on common values to address the issues. This campaign is powerful because it was started by young people and continuous to gain momentum because there are thousands saying they want their lives to be dedicated to modelling generational change.

This campaign is supported by Schools, Universities, Churches and the Government of PNG under the strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development which calls for a paradigm shift in how we approach development and calls for people to be responsible for decisions at all levels!