Leadership Development Program



The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is our principal training program aimed at building the leadership capacity of young people at our partner Universities to lead the Clean Generation Campaign.

It is an exciting 3-level leadership pathway program that focuses on taking young leaders on a process of self discovery, understanding their roles as active citizens and how they can contribute to the development of PNG as nation builders. The Program seeks to influence the values, attitudes and beliefs of the young leaders in the program. This program is run in two of the major Universities in the country, the University of PNG in Port Moresby and the PNG University of Technology in Lae. The program is also set to commence at the University of Goroka at the start of the 2016 Academic Calendar.

Students undergoing the program have access to fully equipped Centres for Leadership, leadership  books that they are required to read as part of the program, mentors from the TVI Alumni and field trips to help broaden their perspective on issues.

The program has there levels with each level taking one year to complete:

Level 1:  DREAM This level guides participants on a process of self discovery and personal development. Through workshops, retreats and reading plans young people are taught how to identity sets of values to guide their decision making and are shown how to write out personal mission statements. They are put under the leadership of Nation Builders in the program who are level 3 participants of the program and are given tasks to complete as part of developing their team building skills.



Level 2: Active Citizen This level equips participants with concepts of citizenship and how they can become active members of society contributing their views and thoughts on issues affecting their communities. In this level students begin analyzing underlying philosophies that shape culture and dominant attitudes. A key focus of the learning component is developing daily disciplines and allowing the students to identify where they sit on the active citizenship continuum so they can move to become more contributing members of society. At this level the students are given targets to sign up their peers to the Clean Generation Campaign and also lead various aspects of the Campaign.



Level 3: Nation Builder This is the final level of the LDP where participants develop a personal vision and identify how this contributes to Nation Building through linking it to the national vision of the country PNG Vision 2050. At this level students are expected to lead the Clean Generation Campaign on their campuses through leading students in Level 1 and Level 2 to sign up their peers to the Campaign. At this level students are Ambassadors of the program and are involved in designing the key activities that will take place during the year at their Universities through the Nation Builders Conference. The Voice Inc. hosted the first Inaugural Nation Builders Conference this year where students in this level at the University of PNG and the PNG University of Technology convened under the theme “Building a Sustainable Future”. The students developed key outcomes and recommendations that they will use to frame their activities on their respective campuses under the Clean Generation movement during the academic year.