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“We want to see a future where there is peace and harmony in our homes, communities and in every level of society.”
– TVI’s Nation Builders of 2016


We join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day as we recognize the valuable contribution women have made to the development of our nation. From giving birth to our children and raising them in such hard circumstances we recognize their resilience and enduring commitment to nurture the next generation of Papua New Guineans!

Despite the challenges they face they continue to brave the obstacles as they lay down their lives so that their sons and daughters can stand on their shoulders and achieve greater things than they ever could.  One specific challenge that continues to affect more and more women in our nation is the culture of violence in our homes and communities.

We would like to draw your attention to the recent report Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) released titled ‘Return to the Abuser’ that can be read here detailing how a dire lack of protection mechanisms, a weak justice system and a culture of impunity endanger the health and lives of survivors of the most horrific forms of violence in our country. The report showed that out of the 3,056 people that sought care for the first time in their Family Support Centres in Port Moresby and Tari, 94% of these survivors were women. Children were also exposed to the worst forms of physical and sexual violence and most of the time it was at the hands of family members, making their homes one of the most unsafest places to be in. This continues to highlight the growing and entrenched problem we have of violence against women and children in our nation.

All the above brings home the message that PNG can not develop as a nation if the dignity of its women and children are not protected by the very people that should be the guardians of their virtue. At The Voice Inc. we fundamentally believe that we can not build a nation on broken people and as part of our Clean Generation Campaign we stand with the growing movement of men, women, children, leaders and churches that are taking a stand on this issue to stop the violence.

Our women are strong, they are dependable, they know how to love selflessly and provide for everyone in their family. Our women can be equal partners in development if they are given the space to discover and outwork their potential. They bring a unique perspective in all they do as they carry the feminine heart of God that has been missing for to long. If we do not understand their value and worth we will never be able to grow into realizing the hopes and aspirations of our people as enshrined in our Constitution. We must rise as a people and say this violence will not continue in our nation, not on my watch!



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