A Message from The Voice Inc’s Incoming Executive Director


Barbra Thomas is the newly appointed Executive Director of The Voice Inc. We are excited about the journey ahead under her stewardship and are grateful for the invaluable contributions she has made towards the growth of the organization in the last 8 years and will make for the years to come. In this message, Barbra Thomas gives an insight into this new chapter of her leadership journey.


I am quite humbled to be entrusted with the amazing opportunity to lead The Voice Inc as its new Executive Director. I would like to thank the board of The Voice Inc. and our community for their confidence in me. No doubt I will have extremely big shoes to fill as, former Executive Director and co-founder Serena Sumanop resigned earlier this year after committing 5 years to establishing The Voice Inc.  To me she epitomizes what servant hood leadership is; to lay down your life to see a vision materialize, from an idea into a movement. She has shown that it takes a whole lot of hard work, commitment, sacrifice and humility to lay the foundations of a dynamic organization. I am incredibly honoured and excited to build on these foundations along with the talented staff team and volunteers who like me, believe in advancing the vision of the organization which is to see generations of young people awakened to their purpose, confident in themselves and able to contribute meaningfully towards building our communities, nation and even the world!


My journey with TVI started 8 years ago whilst I was studying at UPNG. Despite my youth, I recognized the importance of planting myself in an environment that could influence me to be a better person, a decision I have never regretted. Today, I am surrounded by a community of people who not only believe in me but also inspire me to reach my best and push me to outwork my potential. This to me is the power of The Voice, its power is in its community of people who share similar values and pursue a common vision. I believe that it will take an army of people who are united in heart and sight to shift the dominant cultures that are crippling our country. There is an undercurrent that is causing people both young and old, to be restless and wanting to shift to a place where we can start influencing tangible change in society. I see a society where it will no longer be defined by the corruption, poverty, violence, and inequality we see around us, but rather, a society that is serious about making changes to pursue sustainability into the future. It is the challenge of this generation, to champion this shift.


At The Voice Inc we believe in the Clean Generation, a generation that will start defining the values that this nation needs to champion this shift and through our Clean Generation Campaign we want to ensure that young people throughout PNG are connected to this vision and equipped to awaken to their purpose, and inspired to take responsibility of this nation. It is my personal belief that as a people, we need to start building a collective voice around the issues challenging us today and take action were we can. I am especially looking forward to making connections and establishing new friendships to strategically build resilient communities.


I am so incredibly blessed to be working with an amazing team that oozes with talent and creativity, who are able to facilitate this change. We as a team are excited for what is in store for this year as we take the message of the Clean Generation Campaign to the nation through our various programs.


I look forward to this exciting journey with the support of you our friends and community.

Barbra Thomas

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