Look After Mother Nature (Junior Muki)

Look After Mother Nature

During the world Environment Day, Junior Muki, a current final year mining student and a former LDP participant at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology along with his colleagues touched the lives and changed the mindset of many of their peers on the campus to address the issues of climate change and how they can help in their community.

“Lukautim Kofi na bai kofi Lukautim yu” (look after coffee and coffee will look after you) – are some of the wise words you will hear from elderly people when you make your way up to the highlands Region of Papua New Guinea. Although it refers to coffee, the saying itself signifies a lot towards looking after something. Back at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, some very environmentally – concerned students, led by Junior Muki, a former LDP participant who completed his third level last year, took up the cause to address the Climate Change and encourage people to look after the environment.

Doing his final year in Mining Engineering, Junior understands the effect mines around PNG has on the country’s environment which leads to problems such as water pollution, rise of sea level and the likes. In order to address those issues, he has to start by educating his peers on campus on how they could help look after our mother nature once they leave this place and go work in their respective fields. With the help of his colleagues in his department, they managed to influence students through three activities they organized.

In order to “give back” to Mother Nature, a Tree Planting was organized. The activity started at 8am Sunday morning on World Environment Day, which saw a lot of students gathering to plant trees around the campus. A total of around 30 plus tree seedlings were planted that day.

Students planting tree seedlings around the campus.

After the tree planting was done, students volunteered at the Unitech Habitat to help clean up and feed the animals. Some primary and secondary schools also came to the habitat to visit and the students were asked to show them around. After all of this was done, a mini talk on climate change was organized at the Mining Department in the night to finish things off. Over 30 students attended the talk delivered by two guest speakers; Mr. Ken Ail, an Economist and a Mining Engineer and with Mr. Kari Ieumba, manager of the Unitech Habitat. A lot was said during the night and a lot was also learnt. Students left feeling challenged and inspired.

The 3 events that were organized by Junior and his colleagues touched many students on the campus and helped them to see the importance of persevering our environment for our future generations. Seeing those problems caused by climate change due to pollutions, Junior knows that he and his fellow friends could help create a change in the community by changing the mindset of the students on the campus and in turn they too will spread what they learn to the others the others to the others and eventually have a chain reaction going on in their community, country and the nation. Thus we will achieve, as what our fathers up in the highlands always say, “Lukautim Kofi na bai Kofi Lukautim yu”.

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