Meet our new team members!

5 New Team Members!

Our staff team has grown and we’re excited to introduce you to our new team members! Meet, Maliwai, Jack, Coletah, Hannah and Kirk! They join our existing team members, Barbara, Urith and Penua. We’re looking forward to an exciting next few months as our various programs and activities roll on with these awesome people on the team.

Our newbies share here, a bit about why they joined our team and what they look forward to most working with The Voice Inc. 

Maliwai Sasingian – Operations Director

Maliwai is one of the founding members of TVI and the Treasurer of our Board. She joins our staff team on a part time basis, whilst also working with PwC. Maliwai joins us to head the Operations of the organization. As Operation Director, Maliwai oversees all finances, logistics and fundraising for the organization.

“I’ve been part of TVI since inception – I believe in the vision and the mission of TVI.  I believe that it provides solution to the issues of young people and will be part of the progress and development of PNG as we build our young leaders.  For me it’s an honour and a real privilege to work with the organisation.  

What I’m most excited about are the people I get to work with, they are creative, committed and passionate about the cause.  Love my TVI family!” – Maliwai


Jack Kulumbe – Program Manager

Jack  – is one of our pioneer program participants from the University of Papua New Guinea, who was also a student intern whilst at uni. He now joins our team as Programs Manager, to overseeing our Leadership Development Program across our 3 centres.

“I joined TVI because I believe in the vision of TVI and what it is doing and I am most excited about seeing young people we working with taking lead and driving changes in their respective institutions and communities.” – Jack




Coletah Kibai – Information and Events Officer

Coletah – is our Information and Events Officer, working on collating and maintaining our growing database and organizing all our activities.

“After hearing about TVI, I went through the website. The word that caught my attention was leadership. People have different views or definitions of leadership. For me leadership, is about serving, to lead by serving people. I think that’s what TVI is about, helping young people realise their purpose, to build their character and shape them to be the best version of themselves. The culture TVI is building, the sense of empowerment, the leadership and sense of unity and the passion to drive change is the reason why I wanted joined TVI.

I am most excited about my journey with TVI. I have heard from so many people of how the work of The Voice Inc. has really played a part in their life, for instance, helping them make better life choices, to finding their purpose and God’s purpose in their life and how they can use that to create change in their own communities.

From hearing their stories, I am excited to see TVI be a part of my story. I’m quite keen to also meet so many great people in our KomUNITY. It is so encouraging and refreshing to see so many wonderful people being out there driving change and the values and message of a Clean Generation.” – Coletah


Hannah James – Administration and Finance Officer

Hannah – joined our team to fill in the role of Administration and Finance Officer, making sure all our books are in check and maintaining our operations.

“After taking part in the clean generation campaign in 2013, I saw how we youths came together to clean up our community amazingly made a positive impact in the city and nationwide. It made me feel amazed that my part in the campaign had an impact, where it triggered positive changes in some who read and watched what we did. From then on, I wanted to volunteer at The Voice Inc, to take part in its fundraising, events, and so forth but never really got a chance to.

As I got to know a bit more of TVI and its aims and the impacts it had on youths, I wanted to join/volunteer to learn how do positive acts to bring about positive outcomes, to take part in its events, to learn as much as I can from TVI and its purpose, to use what I learned to give back and help others around me. It is my passion to help others, so I saw TVI as a place I could lend a help to young people in whatever little way I can to make a difference and hopefully, bring about positive changes.

I am so excited and grateful to be working for TVI as I get to;

  • Work with the young people and helping to develop them to find their purpose

  • Help to create positive changes in others and myself

  • Learn as much as I can and continue to develop myself and others I interact with

  • Drive the purpose of TVI and contribute to its development, and help in achieving it’s aims” – Hannah


Kirk Gibson – Research Volunteer

Kirk – joins us as a volunteer who helps out two days a week. He joins our programs team in assisting in strengthening our program approach and documentation.

“From the outset I was thoroughly impressed by the smarts, passion and energy of the TVI team and the young nation builders they were supporting. When I finished at Australia Awards I started working on a research idea focusing on leadership in PNG and wanted to ground my learning through volunteer work. I immediately thought of TVI and was lucky they were happy to have me.

Supporting the development and growth of TVI’s KomUNITY, a group of committed and passionate change makers who I think will be part of the next generation of PNG leadership” – Kirk


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