Campus Updates

Check out the latest updates on activities happening at our three Centres for Leadership. Activity reviews and summaries are compiled and written by student interns from The Voice Inc. Leadership Development Program at the PNG University of Technology, the University of Papua New Guinea and the University of Goroka.


2017 Campus Updates

Amber ATA Hosts Clean Week | 4th – 9th June| UPNG

The Amber ATA Tribe of UPNG hosted a week long initiative to commemorate World Environment Day.

Meet the Tribes of UPNG | 2017

Under The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program, each campus has Tribes in which students are given the opportunity to lead initiatives that will enhance and add value to its campus community, in line with the Clean Generation values. Here we meet and learn more about the two tribes of UPNG and their aims for 2017.

Sustainable Development Forum| 3rd June 2017 |PNGUOT

The Champs Tribe of the PNGUOT LDP, hosted their major activity, in staging a Sustainable Development Forum at the Duconson Hal, PNGUOT, with guest speakers, Raylance Mesa, Reuben Mete and Jackson Taviri.

Klinim UNITECH Campaign | 6th & 27th May 2017 | PNGUOT

Students from The Voice Inc’s Leadership Development Program’s A2A Tribe have embarked on their key leading activity for 2017, the Klinim UNITECH Campaign. 

Lets Talk About Being Active Citizens 

An  review of the session run by The Voice Inc. and the U.S Embassy on Active Citizenship with students from various high schools and UPNG.

A Word of Thanks to Rosie Batty


UPNG Inspired Film Review – Angels of War |

The Voice Inc. has recently joined to support the UPNG Inspired Films series, that is aimed at expanding the views of students on campus, with various films from PNG and outside. Our students have been involved in promoting the weekly event, to also attending. Here we share their reviews of the films.

PNGUOT Planning Tool Box | 

Students from our Leadership Development Program across our three campuses will partake in a Planning Tool Box, to identify the challenges in their campus and the country, and create plans to address these, beginning with their campuses.

2017 UPNG Orientation Week 

The University of Papua New Guinea, held its annual Orientation Program from April 3-7 with first years and continuing students. Check out the efforts of our young leaders from the Leadership Development Program in their Application Drive.