PNG UOT LDP Planning Tool Box (2017)

By Edrin Karagu – Communications & Marketing Assistant (PNGUOT)

A total of 21 LDP participants including two of our mentors, Barbra Thomas and Penua Hila Cook and also three volunteers, namely; Len Awinup, Davida Thomas and Sheryl attended the workshop that was held at 11 mile – city mission.

The actual workshop started on the 25th of March, on a Saturday, however the students along with everyone arrived there on the afternoon of Friday 24th and spent the night there. At the event, there were two sessions, one session was on how we view PNG today and how we would want it to be like in 80 years’ time. During that session, the LDP students; the Active Citizens and the Nation Builders, were broken up into two Tribe groups and were asked in the second session in their respective groups to identify an area of concern in Unitech and how they would help fix it.

The workshop was held at the home of Pastor Bob, manager of the Lae City Mission at 11 mile. We are extremely grateful for his kindness in letting us host our young leaders at his wonderful and scenic residence.

Due to the comments and feedback the LDP students wrote on their evaluation form, the TVI officials decided to change things a bit this year. Thus the workshop that was held was purposely for the LDP participants to plan out what they want to do for this year.

The workshop was held successfully. The two tribes that were created during the workshop have the names, ‘The Champs’, short for The Champions and the ‘A2A’, short for Allergic to Average.

The Champs came up with the their area of concern in Unitech and that is ‘Academic Competency’ and their objective is that by the end of this year they want students to bear in mind that they have a role in this country by using whatever they learn to be innovative and creative.

The A2A n the other hand came up with their area of concern which is ‘Klinim Unitech’. Their objective is that they want to see a cleaner, healthier learning environment in Unitech.



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