Sustainable Development Forum – The Champs Tribe UNITECH

Small Innovation – Big Impact

By Edrin Karagu – TVI Leadership Development Program Level 2 -Active Citizen and Communications & Marketing Intern 

“Big impacts come from the small innovative things that we do” was what the three speakers stressed on during the Sustainable Development Forum that was held at Duncanson Hall at UNITECH. Students who attended were challenged by what the speakers said during the forum.

Organized by the Champs Tribe of The Voice Inc., 200 plus students as well as some staff attended the student hosted forum. The theme of the forum that was “Small Innovations – Big Impact” and aims to get students to be innovative in ways that will help their society.

Those who spoke at the forum were, Raylance Mesa, a fourth Year Architecture student and also the recipient of the National Youth Development award, Sustainable Development award and also the Commonwealth Award, Jackson Taviri, a Masters student in Architecture and Reuben Mete, Managing Director for Social Enterprise, Community development and Youth Empowerment.

Raylance Mesa addressing the Students on Sustainable Development

Raylance shared on her own experience on what she and some her colleagues did for her people back at home in a small island near Finschhafen, Raylance challenging the students saying, “If we want to achieve a sustainable future, it is the young people who have to think critically now, whatever little we can do, we must do it, for it is those little things we do that has a big impact”.

On the other hand, Reuben, who came from a village deep in the jungles of Morobe shared how his team, which consists of young men who have no higher school certificates but somehow managed to pull water supplies and set up sanitations in the rural villages. Sharing his vision, he hopes to see basic water services reaching more than a million plus people living in rural areas by 2020. Currently his team has managed to provide water supplies to more than 5000 people in the rural areas of Morobe.

“We are presenting this because we want you Papua New Guineans to go back your communities, find a need and help solve them. Doesn’t matter what area of studies you are in”, said Jackson when addressing the students.He urged young people to be innovative and do little things, because only by doing this will we contribute towards achieving a sustainable future. A future where energy is saved, poverty is reduced and people are having access to basic health services said Jackson.

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