The Dux Award

Article by Edrin Karagu, Communications & Marketing Intern (PNG UOT)

Coming from a village in Kundiawa, Lucas Kiak has touched the lives of many young students back home through a program he initiated. Since attending the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, he has, from his own book allowances purchased items to sponsor the dux award prize for the high school students back at his own village. By doing that he has challenged every young people to work hard.

It was really an overwhelming moment for Lucas when he discovered a certain student whom he was interviewing for the Dream Level of the Leadership Development Program, introduced himself, and told Lucas that he was one of those students who received the Dux Award Lucas sponsored.

Being the dux at his own school and being the only one in his tribe to make it into a tertiary institution has moved Lucas. He was faced with the challenge and wanted to do something to ensure that more fellow members of his tribe must make it to higher institutions.

Joe Pani with Penua and Lucas during the Dreamers Interview.

He saw how he could do that when he came into The Papua New Guinea University of Technology to do his studies in Electrical Engineering. At the end of each year, all his allowances would go to the purchasing of some items for the Dux Awards and going back up during the Christmas break, he presented them to the students there.

By doing that, he motivated students in his own tribe to work hard and also others outside. After seeing that, Principles of secondary schools and high schools in his tribe area even invited him as a guest speaker to speak at the graduation ceremony whilst in his 2nd and 3rd year. Since he was part of The Leadership Development Program at PNGUOT, he also imparted what he learnt at The Voice Inc. and challenged students to work hard.

His work paid off when he himself interviewed that student who was from his own tribe who had made it through to the interview phase of the LDP’s Level 1- DREAM recruitment. That student is currently doing his first year at PNGUOT taking up Mining Engineering and goes by the name of Joe Pani.

He has taken on the challenges and overcome many already and although it was a small contribution, for him at least what he did made an impact on the lives of many young students and stopping is not in his mind because without doubt he knew that this is the start of something great.


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