Youth Coalition


Representatives from Partner Youth organisations and Stakeholder at the first workshop.
Group Discussions and Presentation during the 2 day Youth and Stakeholder Workshop in March.


The Youth Coalition | About Us

In March 2018 25 youth organisations and stakeholders in Port Moresby came together to explore the idea of forming a youth coalition or network aimed at progressing youth development in PNG. The enthusiasm for the idea was clear and The Voice Inc was invited to take the idea forward.

The idea is that organisations working together have more influence, more power, more creativity and so more capacity to take on complex development issues in the different spaces we work. And also that we can support each other with energy, motivation, training and opportunities to help each other succeed as organisations.

Our Shared Purpose is: To work collectively to address development issues that affect youth in PNG

We will achieve this by: 

Focusing on specific PNG development problems or issues, using our collective skills and experience to find creative solutions

Creating a sector resource hub and forum to share information, networks, energy and opportunities. Including sharing data and stories to get a stronger understanding of youth in PNG.

Using our influence. Creating a united voice and platform to amplify youth voices into political spaces, the media, national and international bodies.

Strengthening coalition member organisations through sharing our training and capacity building opportunities.



Membership is open to organisations and passionate individuals willing to contribute to the Coalition’s shared purpose. Members of the coalition commit to:

  1. Attend meetings and/or contribute meaningfully as best they can
  2. Share information, energy and resources (where possible) to achieve the shared purpose
  3. Adhere to the values and principles listed below



The coalition will aim to reflect the following values with tangible processes not just words:

          I. Diversity – respecting and celebrating the different value of member organisation

          II. Equity – acknowledging power imbalances within the coalition and striving to balance these.

          III. Openness – to be honest about our needs from the coalition and each other

          IV. Mutual Benefit – to understand and attempt to share the benefits (and risks) for each member

          V. Courage – to venture into the unknown with this new idea and to gain strength from each other to face challenges and stay motivated in our work


What The Voice Inc. brings to the coalition:
  • Secretariat support: initiating gatherings, distributing documents etc.
  • Website page and other platforms (e.g. Clean Gen Magazine) to promote Coalition activities
  • Sharing access to our leadership training and content




If you would like to join the Youth Coalition please email for a chat.

Alternatively download the ‘Membership Agreement’, fill in and email back to


Foundation Resources:
  1. Youth NGO Workshop Presentation – March 2018
  2. Youth NGO Workshop Report – March 2018
  3. Youth Coalition Formation Event Presentation – June 2018
  4. What is the PNG Youth Coalition?
Learning Resources
  1. How Change Happens Book – Duncan
  2. Influencing for Change – Thomas Paka
  3. Effective Partnerships – Partnerships Brokers Association
  4. Leadership, Coalition and How Change Happens – Chris Roche
Youth Coalition Strategic Group Notes

01/08/18 Youth Coalition Strategic Group Meeting Notes

17/08/18 Youth Coalition Strategic Group Meeting Notes

  1. Youth Coalition – Youth Voice Media Release- 18 September 2018
  1. Youth Survey- Voice and Drug and Alcohol Law or you can complete the survey online via Survey Monkey.